16. Is labelling obesity a disease fat-shaming?

Today’s episode of the podcast was inspired by a Facebook thread in a women physician’s Facebook group exploring:

  • Is obesity a real disease?
  • Does labelling it a disease alleviate or promote fat-shaming?
  • What language should we use to describe obesity? Fat person? Larger-bodied?

 The bottom line is there really is no consensus. Today’s episode is an effort to piece some thoughts together and to initiate reflection and discussion around a complex issue.

 We cover:

  • The medical community’s definition of obesity
  • Language used to describe adiposity (fat, obese, larger, heavy, obesity, big-bodied)
  • The Health At Every Size (HAES) movement
  • Body size does not equate to health.
  • The root of fat-shaming and how we can all do better

 To quote a colleague: instead of focusing on making fat people thinner, we should focus on making all people – thin or fat - healthier.

 We all need to stop fat-shaming and just support one another in living our best lives emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

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