5. How to stop worrying about other people's opinions

FOPO, or fear of other people’s opinions, holds so many people back from being who they’re supposed to be and doing their work in the world.

It’s normal for us to want people to like us and to want other people’s approval. But the very thing that was once helpful when we needed to stay with the pack to survive, can also be detrimental to us thriving and living our unique and authentic lives. Because when we’re worried about critique, rejection or disapproval, we play small.

In this episode of the High on Life podcast, Dr. High describes how she overcomes her own insecurity and how you can too.

Wear the dang bathing suit.

Go on that date.

Apply for the new job.

Smile at the stranger.

Embrace the discomfort that yeah, you might be rejected and you might be judged, and just let the fear and discomfort be part of your growth. Then you’ll get to see what’s on the other side.

We’ll cover:

  • Why humans are naturally inclined to want approval from others

  • How to step out of insecurity and fear by focusing on others, instead of ourselves.

  • Why you can’t actually control other people’s opinions about you (even though you think you can!)

  • That our fears are usually our own perceptions of other people’s opinions (i.e. they’re made up in our own minds)

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