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As a mom of 3, child sexual exploitation is one of the most horrendous crimes I can imagine. Quite frankly, I prefer not to imagine it because it's so heartbreaking and makes me feel ill. But ignoring it is just not an option.

A year and a half ago, my company partnered with IJM Canada as a Freedom Donor. Leading up to March 2023, we are participating in a Match Campaign where we are committing to match $25K Canadian Dollars in donations.

IJM Canada needs to raise $1M towards their work in South Asia. My ask is that you consider joining me in giving. Together we can help free children from slavery and exploitation.

All donations will receive a charitable tax credit from IJM.


Our mission at is to empower women to thrive – when women thrive, families and communities thrive as well. As a woman and a mother, Dr. Sasha High has a deep passion for protecting vulnerable women and children around the world. It is this passion that has resulted in Sasha’s commitment to the rescue and protection of children in Mombasa, Kenya, who are vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC).

In the Fall of 2021, Sasha High and her company High Metabolic Clinic Inc. committed to partner with the International Justice Mission Canada (IJMCA) and their CSEC work in Kenya. IJM is a global organization fighting to end slavery, human trafficking and the exploitation and abuse of children. In 2021 alone, the company's contribution of over $125,000 CAD helped rescue and restore the lives of 16 children who were victims of violence and sexual exploitation in Mombasa.

We are honoured that our work has allowed us to give back to our global community and participate in bringing freedom around the world. has committed a portion of all proceeds to combat child sexual exploitation through the work of IJM in Mombasa, South Asia and beyond.

Click here for the 2021 Impact Report for our work in Mombasa, Kenya from IJM