Best Weight for Men (Private Coaching)

16-Week Private Weight Loss Coaching

This is for high-achieving men who are ready to lose weight for good while gaining energy and confidence. 

What you'll get:

  • 8 bi-weekly private 1:1 sessions with a no-nonsense Weight Loss Coach
  • 16 weeks of unlimited email support from your Coach
  • Individualized nutrition guidance
  • The tools and skills you need to overcome food cravings and stress eating, and keep the weight off longterm
  • This program is exclusively for men
  • This program does NOT include fitness training as strength and fitness are separate from weight loss
  • Canadians: Access to our Obesity Medicine Physician Partner in your home province for medical supervision/treatment

What Men Are Saying:

I can't even begin to characterize the burden of knowing you were overweight for years is. It was on my mind for years to lose weight. It's like a prison - you don't want to go back. It's like you know you have to lose it, and you can't. You're in a hole, you can't dig yourself out of and you can't. You know you're overweight, you know you can't run the way you did... you know. The difference of being active when you're 50 lbs lighter - I can't even tell you how you can pop on skis, how you can run. It's meaningful - it's a different experience. That burden - I don't want to ever go back there. Life is so much fun when you're more agile, you're more able to enjoy it. It's just very different, I feel young again. How are you going to offset indulging. It's like, indulging is great but when you offset that with the prison analogy - it's like, not even worth it. That is such a motivator for me. I don't NEED the chips. I do need to enjoy my life and not at the cost of those other things.

Michal (Lost 50 lbs in our program)

I feel that I can continue. I'm rediscovering myself - the mood and the spirit have been uplifting. And people recognize that as well. I have the ability to deal with the stress - whereas in the past I would succumb to the stressors with wine and nice food and find joy from those things. It's been a great journey. I can now talk about my experience to other people. It's been a really positive journey. Before I would think 'I should do something' but I didn't have the courage or the motivation to do it. But now, even after a stressful event, I can talk to myself and get myself to go for a walk. I'm eating better, finding time for physical activity, better food, better thoughts. I'm finding that I'm able to deal with the stress better. The opportunity to rediscover that it's in you and you may not be seeing it. You can only see if you go through that journey and you realize it. Before I felt like 45 going on 55, now I feel like I'm 47 going on 35.

Sanjeev (Lost 43 lbs)

$2,997.00 CAD

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This program is non-refundable.

This program is exclusively for men.

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